I’m Moving!

So I have some pretty amazing and exciting news that I think you as my readers would find important. 😉 Since you’ve already seen the title I’m pretty sure y’all know what this post is all about.

But before we get to that, I have a bit of an apology to make.

I feel this year I’ve been focusing so much on That Christian Girl. Though my intentions are good, I feel as though I’ve let you down somehow. I miss blogging about pretty much anything and everything and being my complete self and letting you, my dear friends, see me as I am. I need to get back to that. To get back to that, I need to get organized.

With that being said, yes… I am moving. “Where?” you may ask…

North Carolina!!

I am SUPER stoked about this new adventure up ahead. At first I felt a little unsure, but God has confirmed to me in many ways that this move is right. My season in Pennsylvania is coming to a close. And a new season in North Carolina is just about to begin! And I couldn’t be more excited.

So what’s in North Carolina?

Family. It’s so comforting to know I won’t be alone. I’m excited to be closer to my brother, sis in love, and my beautiful niece! I may be leaving my parents and grandparents behind, but I’ll be closer to my siblings now. And I can’t wait for the adventures ahead!

Adventure. I have never lived outside of Pennsylvania. I’ve been here my entire life. And quite honestly, I’m ready for the change. And I’m ready for the challenge of exploring a new area. I’m excited for all the opportunities that await me there. I truly believe that great things are in store for this girl. 😉 Not to mention the abundance of sweet tea and Arnold Palmers! ❤

Purpose. I’m really not sure what exactly it is that is drawing me there. The only way I can express what I’m feeling is that it’s a sense of purpose. Ever since the first time I visited North Carolina, I’ve been drawn to it. The first moment I walked the sidewalks of Raleigh I knew I wanted to end up there eventually (and no, I’m not moving to Raleigh… yet).

The reason I’m updating you all about this is because I want you to know that I AM still alive. haha. I also need you to know that I won’t be posting as much on either site. I will try to get people to guest post on That Christian Girl. But I can’t make any promises. I’m moving down in July so hopefully by then, things will settle down and I can blog consistently on both blogs. Until then, I’m going to try to vlog a little just to keep y’all updated.

For more details, check my blog Moving On. over on That Christian Girl. It may answer some questions I haven’t answered here.


I’m so excited to bring you all along for this amazing journey! And I cannot wait to see what God has in store 😀

God bless you always,


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